Are you looking to go deeper into the Bible and grow in your relationship with God?
Several services and programs at KBC are focused just on that.

Sunday Night Bible Study
Sundays at 6PM, for all ages

One of the best ways to learn the Bible and be balanced in our spiritual life is by going verse-by-verse through a book of the Bible. We learn about the history of the book, the main point God is giving in the book, and the practical application for today of the truths in the book. 

Current Study: Book of John

"Patch the Pirate" Kids Club
Rich biblical truths for kids

"Patch" club meets on Wednesday nights and is a great opportunity for kids to learn some of the deeper truths about God and spiritual life. As an added bonus, the program includes take-home daily devotions for the kids to fill in through the week.

One-to-One Discipleship
Personal learning with a godly Christian friend

Discipleship is your opportunity to connect weekly with a godly Christian to learn the Bible, ask questions, talk about life issues, and encourage one another. Several different curriculums are available based on your spiritual lifestage and range in length from 8 weeks to a year. 

Prayer and Praise Service
First Sunday PM service each month

The first Sunday of each month includes a special PM service focused on sharing testimonies of the goodness of God, singing some favorite songs, and spending an extended time in prayer. It's a great way to be encouraged and deepened in your walk with God.